Fur Prices

Current Prices                         Updated on June 21, 2016

Bobcat – Not Buying         (bobcat is very unstable right now at auction)

Coyote – up to $20 on carcass

Fox – up to $5 on carcass

Raccoon – Not Buying

Muskrat – Not Buying

Badger – Not Buying

Beaver – Not Buying

Mink – Not Buying

Here is list of when animal pelts are prime. (click on image to make larger)


Remember that fur care starts from the pull of the trigger or the setting of the trap.  The more care you take the more money you make.  All furbearing animals must be taken legally and with a legal furbearers license.

2 thoughts on “Fur Prices”

  1. I live in Williston ND … I skin my yotes then put them in the freezer… I don’t know how 2 flesh them.. I only trap them…. & snares.. I am starting 2 put traps out now… Where r u located at or do u come close 2 Williston ND 2 get fur…. Last year I got 105 yotes.. 16 badgers 7 fox

    1. i am in Helena, MT…I do go to glendive once or twice a year but with those numbers you would be way better off to learn to flesh….you could make alot of money selling at auction

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