Fur Care & Handling

“On the carcass”  means selling the whole animal without any type of skinning.  Taking good care of your carcass animals after harvest is very important, and will result in more money.

Heat, sunlight, and plastic bags are your enemies. As soon as you get home clean up your animals. Brush out any blood, mud, or dirt.  Your local dollar store is a good place to find inexpensive hair brushes, and they do a fine job.

Hang your animals up by the back feet.  Hang them in an unheated building, even the north side of your garage will work.  Just make sure no direct sunlight can hit them, and they have good air circulation all around them.

Quality Fur handled and presented in this manner is a joy to look at and easier to grade.


Green skinned refers to pelts that are just skinned, without any other fleshing or stretching.   After skinning turn the pelt fur side out and freeze flat for short term storage (1 to 3 months).  Furs frozen flat thaw easier and faster.

Be careful when you freeze pelts.  Too many layers of fur placed in the freezer at one time can insulate each other and result in the middle layers spoiling.

I would prefer the green skinned pelts unfrozen or at least enough where i can look at the leather for defects, at time of selling.