June Auction

Looks like NAFA is in sell everything mode as things are finally selling but at lower prices.  Coyotes dropped 35% for me this year which means next years on carcass prices will not be nearly as generous.  But with things selling maybe new markets will arise and things will head in the right direction next year at auction!  HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!




January Update

Well not much has changed in the fur market for awhile but i figured i would update anyway.  Coyotes are still much in demand and thanks to everyone that has brought me coyotes this year.  I am 2 coyotes away from what i wanted to get this year which is great!  Did read on NAFA that there is some hope for raccoon this year but I will wait and see if the auction says the same.  Have a great rest of the year and I will post auction results when they are done.

Wild Fur Outlook-Fall

Below is a link to the NAFA outlook for the fall.  Sounds like it will be alot like last year with coyotes selling at high prices and the rest….well not so much.  I will be buying coyotes on carcass or skinned again this year.  Unfortunately I will not be able to buy put up coyotes as the prices are just too high for me to afford.  Our red fox and beaver are not on the most desirable so prices on them will always be on the low side unless you get that rare dark one.  Anyway happy hunting and bring me those coyotes!!!!


Beaver Update

I have gotten alot of calls on beaver this year so i figured i would update on my site as well.  Beaver again are not selling very well at auction.  Most skins are being bought back which means prices are so low NAFA wont sell them that cheap.  That means I have to sit on them until they do sell which could be many auctions down the road.  This is why I am not buying at this time.  NAFA is actively looking for buyers to join the auction to help move beaver and bobcat until Russia can join again at auction as a serious buyer.  Im hoping they will figure this out soon so I can start buying again.